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Formulation Capabilities

Van Diest Supply Company’s formulation facilities employ the latest state of the art technology for production of all of the major forms of herbicides: amination, spray dried, emulsifiable concentrates, suspension concentrates, suspo-emulsions, pan granulated water dispersible granules and extruded water dispersible granules.

Our facilities are used to formulate products sold under Van Diest Supply Company’s own “Cornbelt®” label as well as formulating products for all of the major national and international chemical companies. We produce products that are shipped around the world.

Our technology is the best in the industry, but the heart of our formulation organization is our dedicated team members. Our Formulation Management 工作人员 has over 700 years of combined experience formulating products used throughout the world.

Spray Drying

The latest addition to our formulation capabilities is spray drying. Manufactured by SPX-Anhydro, our spray dryer is 12' in diameter and stands approximately 40' tall. With rotary wheel atomization and all stainless steel construction, it can produce spray dried powders at a rate of approximately 1,000 pounds per hour, depending on the formulation. Adjacent to the spray dryer is a suspension concentrate facility utilizing a micro-homogenization process that can be used with the spray dryer or as a stand-alone unit.


Our 3 state of the art Micro-Encapsulation facilities are used to formulate delayed release herbicides to enhance weed control and minimize herbicide loss.


Van Diest Supply Company leads the industry in Suspo-Emulsion formulation technology. Suspo-Emulsions combine technical products that are normally incompatible by dissolving or suspending one technical in an oil phase and a second technical in a water phase and then combining the two for ease of application.

Suspension Concentrates

Van Diest Supply Company has 4 Suspension Concentrate facilities utilizing our own microhomogenizing process to produce the highest quality liquid flowable herbicides in the marketplace.

Emulsifiable Concentrates

Van Diest Supply Company has 3 Emulsifiable Concentrate facilities. These products are formulated to quickly emulsify in water and maintain their emulsions for optimum weed control.


Van Diest Supply Company packages herbicides in a wide variety of package sizes and case configurations. Liquids are packaged in containers as small as 1 liter and as large as 300 gallons. Dry herbicides are packaged in containers as small as 11 grams and as large as 1,000 pounds. Our packaging flexibility allows us to package products in a wide variety of package sizes. 


Van Diest Supply Company has an amination facility, containing process equipment, that allows us to perform reactions of this type. Multiple reactors, tons of cooling capacity, air scrubbers and recycled effluent mean large scale production capacity that is also environmentally friendly.

Water Dispersable Granules

Van Diest Supply Company formulates Water Dispersible Granule herbicides utilizing 4 different technologies. We have 6 plants utilizing Radial Extrusion, 3 plants utilizing Basket Extrusion, 1 using Twin Dome and 1 plant utilizing Pan Granulation. All plants are protected with sprinkler equipped warehouses and explosion suppression systems in process areas.





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